What We Do


Ultimately, the most popular method to brand garments and textiles. We have a back catalogue of thousands of great companies we have worked with over the past. We can embroider onto almost any garment and most positions.

Bespoke sewing

Occasionally, it may come to a point where something a little more niche or bespoke is needed when choosing certain garments or textiles to set yourselves aside from your competitors. For example, we’ve helped many bars and restaurants in their quest for more practical table linen or on-trend aprons that are not your usual standard size or design.

If this is something you are keen in looking in to, we can provide a design consultation in order to understand what you are looking for and provide some great solutions.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

Currently, the most talked about piece of printing technology that combines inkjet printer technology with the ability to print on fabrics on a massive scale. This type of printing technology is remarkable at reproducing the most detailed of designs and can even replicate photographs. There are no minimum orders (or maximum!) needed. So that means it’s great for those one-off keepsake memorabilia t-shirts for those special birthdays and events.

Silk Screen

The most traditional method of printing – dating back hundreds of years – which is great for high volume orders with prints most commonly made up of either a single or 2 colours. Silk Screen printing is great for practically any orders such as college or university leavers’ hoodies and tees, sponsorship/charity tees, one off events, and staff uniforms to name the least.

Full Colour Transfer

Full colour transfers can not only be used on garments but can also be used on other textiles such as plastic sports bottles and protective wear such as hard hats.

This technique allows for multi-colour images to be printed and then cut around ready to be heat sealed onto your chosen garments or textiles.


Vinyl is great for single pieces like sports kits, where you need a player number or name on the back or short volume runs for Hen and Stag garments. Vinyl is perfect for synthetic materials where Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing is not possible.

Garment Procurement

In essence, we can source most garments and textiles thanks to our extensive catalogue containing anything from corporate to sportswear, caps to beanies, schoolwear to safetywear, jackets to bags or even aprons to towels. You tell us what products you need and we will source them for you.

Packing & Dispatch

Once garments have been through our embroidery and printing departments, we are also able to offer a packing service.

We can also dispatch goods under a blanket or blind service via DPD.